Fundamentals of Video Poker


The entire concept of poker has steadily become more and more popular with each passing year. Televised tournaments, online competitions and consumer demand have led developers to create more exciting poker variations, including video poker. Understanding video poker basics is the first step in winning big.

History of Video Poker

Video poker combines the concept of five-card draw and slots online in order to provide a highly unique gaming experience. In the 1970s, video poker machines were brand new and not without their flaws. The 1980s saw a large increase in the number of people interested in video poker, however, so developers banded together in order to create better and more popular gaming consoles. Today, video poker takes up residence in nearly every casino in America as well as in dozens of online game rooms.

How the Game Is Played

Video poker basics are relatively similar across the board, regardless of the game variation. Players must place bets before being dealt any cards, and they can choose from several paylines. Once the bet has been placed, five cards are dealt. Like five-card draw, players can select to 'hold' some cards and discard others for new cards. The goal is to build a common poker hand like two pairs, a full house, or the elusive royal flush. Once all cards have been replaced and totaled, players are paid out accordingly.

Video poker online is a great way for people who shy away from poker tables to enjoy the game. Players who have a keen understanding of video poker basics can play more confidently, resulting in greater winnings and a whole new level of fun.