Popularity of Animal-Themed Slots


Animal themes are always incredibly popular in the online casino world. While branded slots seem to be taking over, many players still have the taste for simple themes with fun graphics and great winning potential.

Animal-themed slots are popular for just that reason: they offer up a fun, carefree gambling environment with the chance to win great prizes. Two of the most popular slots of this kind are Super Hoot Loot Slots and Noah's Ark Slots, both available at a wide range of online casinos.

Super Hoot Loot is an engaging online slots game, which offers players 40 paylines of fun and excitement. The game features crazy forest creatures like hedgehogs, owls and eagles, and each symbols offers different prizes.

The owl is a key player in the game, as it makes regular symbols into Loot Symbols. When it appears, the symbol is added to a row on the bottom of the screen and the number of symbols in the "Loot Line" multiplies the player's wins! There are also several other fun bonus rounds, including free spins!

Noah's Ark slots takes a different approach to the animal-themed slots genre. Based on religious folklore, the game features symbols of animals which appeared on Noah's Ark, such as camels, lions, giraffes and goats.

One of the most interesting features the game has to offer is the split symbol. Hippos, camels, turtles and elephants are among the split symbols in the game, which offer the player the chance to win even greater cash prizes.